Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

*beautiful little girls!*

ava marie got blessed today. she is my cousins baby. she is a very happy little baby. her older sister ashlynne is in the picture with her and she is the funniest little girl i know. she is quite the entertainer and loves to be the center of attention and she has the trophies to prove it. ever since she was tiny she has been in beauty pageants and she has won every single one shes been in except the last one just before christmas. it was at disneyland and it was kind of like the miss america for little girls her age. so shes done pretty dang well! her room has trophies and crowns everywhere and a lot of them are taller then me!

i miss summer!

i really really want warm weather back...still having two feet of snow is definately not working out for me. i wish i was back in california laying on the beach!

*Me and Heath*